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Failed SysOps Admin Associate Exam


I used whizlabs as my primary testing source. I had previously used whizlabs and they were excellent for Developer associate and Solutions Architect associate but the Sys Ops practice exams need some overhaul.

I recommend purchasing Jon Bonso’s practice exams from Udemy as they provide more realistic test questions with more focus on Cloudformation/organizations/ELB and other Sys Ops topics as well as more in-depth scenario questions than what Whizlabs currently has.

I also suggest whizlabs to include more topics related to each of the 5 domains tested on this exam as they currently all fall under one domain on your exams.

Thanks whizlabs for your materials but I would suggest those looking for solid exams to also purchase an alternative exam source like Jon Bonso’s exams on Udemy.

As for me, I plan to re-sit the test this upcoming Friday after having gone through more studying. Best of luck to all!


Regret to know that you couldn’t clear the AWS SysOps exam.

Thank you for your feedback. Based on user feedback we’re continuously updating our Practice Tests. SysOps Practice Tests has been recently added with the following new/existing topics:

  • Systems Manager
  • AWS Organizations
  • AWS Inspector
  • QuickSight
  • Trusted Advisor
  • VPC Flow logs
  • Personal Health Dashboard
  • Authentication (Cognito, Federation with AD)
  • Athena
  • Amazon Aurora

PS. A few of the above topics are still in pipeline and many new topics are planned so that they can be added after replacing the questions that are outdated. Stay tuned.

Let us know if we have missed any specific topic.
Thanks & All the Best for your retake.


@Basant where can i see the new updated questions? I could not see any new updates in the sysops practice tests which i have already susbcribed them since last 6months.


Hi Yash

The new questions are spread across “New Practice Test I”. For example, check Q# 15, 16, 19, 21, 31, 43 for AWS Systems Manager & AWS Organization questions. As said in my last post a few topics mentioned at the end of the list are in pipeline (expected to go live by coming week). By the end of this month or so we’ll replace most of the outdated questions in every practice test with fresh ones, mostly with new topics.

Keep sharing your reviews about any missing topic(s). We’ll definitely act on it.

Stay Tuned. Thanks.


@Basant Thanks for an update. Request you to notify all subscribers with regular updates so that everyone gets aware about it.

Thanks Again!!



I did the cert in May, scored 831. I’ve previously done SAA and took preparation for this a little casual just using the Stephane Maarek course on udemy and whizlabs test plus some whitepapers, RFCs but trying to do plenty of hands on as my goal was more to learn skills than get another cert. I haven’t seen the Bonso tests but the Whizlabs ones did help immensely.

The exam was WAY harder than SAA IMO and I think the key is more hands on and really understand stuff.