Failed sysops exam not found relevant content on whizlabs


I haven’t found a single question that is relevant in exam according to whizlabs. I have found that there are lot off question are coming on AWS SSM, AWS CONFIG, EC2 CONFIG, AWS Inspector, Trusted adviser Because As i can see there was lot off questions those are really confusing. I personally found that exam was bit difficult even i have taken the whizlabs Practice test. In every first attempt of practice set i scored above 70 % but still i failed my exam. I want to prepare very well for the next attempt. I prepared well but that’s my bad luck i failed. Any guidance would be helpful. Exam was really difficult there are lot of question those asking for very small small keypoints even though those are also confusing.


if you are only getting 70 percent on the practice test then you should NOT take the actual exam. 70 is BARELY passing. You should continue taking the practice exams over and over till you are scoring high 80s - low 90s. This way you are confident on the knowledge.


Also have you taken the architect and developer associate exams already?


this is someone else feed back from acloud guru disucssion

I have recently passed my Sysops exam with a score of 795. I thought the exam was not an easy one. I have used acloudguru, LA, AWS study guide and whizlabs. Didn’t go through the FAQs or read any white papers. Practiced few labs on AWS. Given below are my observations

  • Exam focusses heavily on VPC. Have an inside out understanding of VPC and its components like subnets, security groups, NACLS, NAT gateway, NAT instance, VPC peering. Also focus on Direct Gateway (one question on using Direct Connect Gateway to use it with multiple regions).
  • There were quite a few questions around 3 tiered architecture I.e. Web, Application and Database that uses ELB and Autoscaling and how you can make this architecture highly available.
  • Pay attention to Route53. There was one question about failed health check when searching for a page with the term “/html”. Choices given were one using backward slash and other using quotes. I have selected the backward slash. Not sure if this is correct. I thought Ryan’s video discussed about this. I have taken notes from the videos but I thought watching the videos the second time would have helped me with answering such nuanced questions.
  • There was one question on analyzing VPC log to troubleshoot connectivity. It was one line with IP addresses and numbers. I couldn’t understand much from that. I have selected a choice that has “allowing TCP port”. Not sure if this was correct. Ryan should add a video about this as this question seem to be a regular occurrence.
  • There was one question about making changes to deployment and how you can do it in the fastest possible time. One of the options was incorporating these in AMI and doing a blue/green deployment. Go through various deployment options and understand the concept of in-place and replacement upgrades.
  • There were few questions around security. Have a good understanding of IAM. Play particular focus on understanding bucket policies. There were one or two questions directly related to analyzing bucket policy.
  • There were questions on Trusted Advisor, Inspector, CloudFormation, OPSworks, RDS and troubleshooting Aurora database.
  • I am not sure AWS study guide is of great use. I thought the last three chapters were helpful(Deployments including Blue/green deployment etc). I also felt some of the content is outdated(Believe this was based on old exam). I thought reviewing the end of the chapter questions was useful though.
  • Linux Academy course was helpful. I thought the end of section questions and the final practice exam mimic the difficulty level of the exam.
  • I have done the AWS practice test and got a 80% score. I thought the difficulty level is on the lines of actual exam. FYI-you can use a code from your exam benefits to take this practice test for free i.e. if you have already passed other AWS exams in the past.
  • Finally, I have done all Whizlabs practice test couple of times. I have learnt quite a deal going through the explanations from these exams. There are probably about 15 to 20 questions that are directly related to questions from Whizlabs.

Good luck!

you blaming your faliure on whizlabs is stupidity. I have cleared aws and developer associate certs and whizlabs does closely represent actual exam