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Failed Sysops exam Today!


The Exam had 10% Questions from Whizlabs at Max. Most of the Questions where very differnet


thats what happens when you aim to pass exam thinking only whizlabs is enough.


I did Acloud guru course as well. But still i now believe that AWS has is much more than we think


SysOps is tough, for sure. You have to know HOW, not just WHAT, and that’s not something that’s easy to learn from just reading. Do LOTS of labs - play with the free tier - tinker. And read EVERY whitepaper and FAQ listed in AWS’s exam detail sheet.


i also failed 1st attempt with 700. guess i needed 720 to pass. good luck next time.


Yes even i got 700…


Bit then i Passed with 898!


Could you guide me as in what you prepared for the second time and what you made sure that you will take care the next time you give the exam


I have prepared from multiple sources. AWS official guide/Linux academy/ACG/Whizlabs. Contrary to your perception i got many qns from whizlabs. The exam is tricky in the sense that you end up selecting wrong options. If you try to understand the explanation behind all whizlabs tests . I think you are good to go. you can also try ACG forums for student feedback. you can also test on aws.training if their is any certification prep course available for free.


Notes from my Exam
Personal health dashboard cross account
Elb add certificate
Aws org
S3 encryption
Cloud formation
S3 malicious attack
Private dns
Trusted advisor
SSL with old browsers
minimum subnet fro 30 ip addresses
s3 put request 500 error - bucket policy

The error code 500 Internal Error indicates that Amazon S3 is unable to handle the request at that time. The error code 503 Slow Down typically indicates that the requests to the S3 bucket are very high, exceeding the request rates described in Request Rate and Performance Guidelines.

AMI from one region to another copy how?

MFa enabled report

aurora - customer resposibility- provision db

cost explorer billing dashboard
black hole route

system admin cant run cloudformation in another region

question on reserved vs on demand batch processing
download patches- cloudformation
smtp server cant connet

RDP cant connect existing subnet
cloud hsm asymmetric
s3 inventory

ssh key lost

s3url in cloudformation mapping section
Provide access from one account to another
Ad QN ad connector


I also got the same questions Bob… Guess the pattern is similar.


I have medium to share my exam tips