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Failed the exam


I know it is not good to post like that. But its true I’ve failed my exam just because of whizlabs. I got only one question from the practice test. The whole test was different and tough. I scored even 100 % in whizlab test still failed. Be prepare well. Don’t rely on Whizlab.


Hello Karthik,

We are sorry to know that you were unable to pass the exam.

We never provide the real exam questions in the practice tests. You can not expect the same questions in the AWS exam.

We provide situational based questions based on the real world business scenarios. Even though you’re able to mark the correct answer, we encourage you to go through to the explanation and AWS document links provided to each question.

Whizlabs Team


Then why you say just make sure you are scoring 90% in the practice test that will be enough you do not need to take the previous model test. I failed it even scoring after 100 % in the whizlabs test. I appreaciate your support but i failed.


all questions are old and based on removed case studies for example,

NO.1 For this question, refer to the JencoMart case study.
JencoMart wants to move their *


My friend i hope you had done proper preparation by following a hands-on course and studied lots of documentation. If you have done that i dont see any reason you should fail, but if you’ve not done any one thing out of that and solely depending on practice exam, then it’s a big mistake.
Practice exams are just to see how much you know about the subject and if you think that they should somehow get you the questions of actual exam, then what value of that exam would be and ultimately yours.


true, but why out of syllabus case study “JencoMart” , which got removed from gcp exam after 8 Nov.


@aroravicky Yes brother I got your point as you can see in the practice test I was scoring 90 on the first attempt. But my query is I don’t find the question are not even I seen it ever before. after a lot of faqs & study. even I took practice set of aws there also I have scored well. but as my personal experience, I found question’s are out of reach or assumption. Can say Exam was really hard.


Yah Correct kartik,Even you know what I am planning to buy practice paper even i was also not get through before but after seeing your post not sure that this papers are not really helpful.However,I have seen other people comments and they confirmed they cleared the exam because of whizlabs.


Hi Karthik,

Did you take any classes for this or directly preparing from these sets?


Hi Prenesh

Can you help me out to check with anyone who has given AWS sysops Associate exam post retires 23rd Sept.Because I am planning to give again since I was not get through before.


Hi Akanksha,

You can contact me on mail kartik.agarwal799@gmail.com.


Sorry to hear about your failure. I did gave this exam 1 day before and put my brain dump. Coming to Whizlabs I found them useful to prepare what kind of questions I face. Surprised to see some similar scenario questions popped up.
Sysops Admin associate is an exam tests candidate sound knowledge on AWS management tools, I did so many labs from my personal account and also from qwik labs.

All the best next time


Yes Kartik, Exam is hard to test the knowledge of management tools


Thanks Karthik.Will respond you on same.


@Kartik_Agarwal1 Same happened with me today. I was also scoring 100% in all practice tests.
I had also studied documentations, Lot of FAQs, few complete whitepapers, lot of answer explanations in whizlab tests. But in the actual exam, questions came from different world. Definitely I would say Whizlab practice tests require lot of updates.


Thanks dude for your reply because I know the pain to loose 11000 ₹. And whizlabs are just denying it thats not cool.


Still didn’t saw any update on the test papers. People are failing there exam continuously on regular basis. But it didn’t affect whizlabs to work on their test paper question.
In the beginning, when I posted the review, I thought It will bring some changes in the test paper. But it’s not worth it. Now it been more than 9 Months I didn’t saw a single change in it.

Dear Whizlabs this is your profession please make it usable for the people.


Hi Kartik

We’ve started review of our SysOps tests based on the fresh feedback from our users. We’re planning to replace outdated questions & add new questions on a few more topics. Please feel free to share your inputs here.

This statement is factually incorrect. Apart from the ongoing minor updates “Sections Tests” were added this year.

Thank You.
— Basant