Feedback about the Questions


Hi Team,

I have started my preparations and find your tests a good way to asses my learning.I have done couple of practice tests already.I feel the overall coverage is really good as the question covers variety of content.
The explanations are good and descriptive.The simulation platform is simple and good too with timer and review options.
One suggestion,I would like to make is to add more tough questions as I believe currently 80% of questions look straightforward to me but they do strengthen the concepts you learned. However, it may depend upon an individual’s preparation too.
With more tough scenario based questions the application of concepts will be improved and so the exam preparation too.As I heard from people the exam questions are higher level than these practice tests.
Alternatively, you can create and categorize tests on the basis of complexity levels Easy,Medium and Hard.
This way members can choose the tests per their preparation level and move on gradually.