GCP Professional Architect


Hi Team,

I’m planning to take the exam in December, Recently exam portion is updated on 9th November. Please let me know your GCP practice test is updated and valid one.



I took this exam a week ago and unfortunately, I did not pass. I used the coursera gcp courses by google and official google docs. I did plenty of labbing too (2 weeks worth), but it was not enough. I was also scoring over 90% on the whizlabs practice exams - i took each one twice. But the questions in the whizlabs exam did not really bear any resemblance to the real test. And I do not mean word for word questions as that is not what I look for in a practice test. Maybe I did not have enough experience using google cloud. If you have around 6 months experience, I guess you will be OK. I will go back to labbing and try to set up many cloud scenarios before I attempt the exam again. So, to answer your initial query… in my opinion (and it is my opinion only based on the fact that I have used these GCP practice exams) - for me, they are not good enough and I would not waste your money.


The update to the GCP exam on November 9th could have played a big part in this…My guess is that it did.


In fact, I ended up asking whizlabs for a refund…which I am still waiting for.
Whizlabs…any progress with this???


I purchased the “google cloud certified architect” course on 14 Nov. and failed in my first. still, all questions are old and based on removed case studies for example,

NO.1 For this question, refer to the JencoMart case study.
JencoMart wants to move their *

Let me know when your team is going to update as per the new pattern?


Best if whizlabs stop selling out of date practice tests.


Whizlabs are just too slow to respond. What are you doing whizlabs??? Sleeping?? Come on…!!!


I did not read these comments before I bought the list of questions. It seems the questions are out of date now?!


yes, all are outdated


Whizlabs should remove all outdated exams. It just saves people from buying them. But we should not need to tell them this? This is something that they should do automatically…especially if they wish to stay as the leader for this type of thing. Seems like they are not too bothered…


As u guys unable to update the question as per new syllabus , I failed in exam , kindly give my money back.


Do you know if questions were updated? Have you tried sample test provided by Google - same issues with the questions?


I am sure if there had been any update, there would have been a big announcement somewhere. I have not seen anything. But what i do know is that Whizlabs should not be selling the current version.