GCP Professional Cloud Architect - Exam Update


Hey All - I know questions have floated around regarding the primary GCP certification, but has anyone taken this recently with the help of Whizlabs. I see that the questions use the newer case studies, however has much been changed beyond that with these practice exams? I am using Whizlabs to supplement my studying via Linux Academy, but would like to know if anyone has passed recently and if they can shed anymore light. I have several AWS certs including the SA Pro and have used GCP on and off for about 9 months. Still a lot to learn, but hoping I can knock this out easily especially since I already have some in depth cloud experience.


When are you planing to take the exam? I’m preparing it likewise maybe we could work toghether? thanks


Yeah, i am available to join and planning to give exam…

Not sure whizlabs questions are valid to prepare the exam?


Hi, I am preparing it as well, no sure when it is the last update for Whizlab’s question bank?


GCP whizlab test seems to be old content and not yet updated to the latest exam.


I was planning on taking it in the next week, but not sure if using Linux Academy + Whizlabs will be sufficient.

Krishna or someone from Whizlabs - Can you please respond with information on this content? When was it last updated? Was anything updated outside of just adding questions with the new case studies?


I did the Linux Academy and the Coursera tracks, and yes I got the Whizlabs exam questions. The Whizlabs ones are out of date, and not on the exam, however what they do good is making you really study the case studies. Studying the case studies over and over is what is going to make you pass the exam. You have cloud experience, you’ll be good. Learn the case studies and you’ll be good.


I ended up passing it 4/8 just using LA and Whizlabs. The Whizlabs questions are out of date, but help slightly. More so to get you ready to just take an exam around the platform. You definitely would need to go deep into other areas to be better prepared though. And yes, wrapping your head around the case studies helps.


Are you on the LA slack channel would be great to chat and get more insights from your side. I’m taking the new version of the LA course + Cousera, should this be enough??


Please folks that will be planning and would like to participate of our study group ping me on ingenieroandresangel@gmail.com thanks