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General feedback of first time user


First time user here. I am currently in the AZ-103 course. I am still going through all the self-study videos before attempting to do the tests.

Below I summarized some feedback. Some general and more specific. This is meant as constructive feedback, and aimed at improving my user experience and perhaps the general improvement of your delivery.

FYI, I use half of my screen for your site and half of my screen for making notes. I work on a Windows system and using Edge and Chrome.

  • I cannot remove the playlist on the right-side of the video player. It dissapears if I change my browser size, however a user option to toggle display of playlist would be useful.

  • I cannot change the size of the video player for a more personal suitable format. For example, browser width size, like youtube has.

  • The video control interface, it’s kinda limited. I can’t push a button to rewind 10 sec or so, to see a certain film fragment again. I need to click and drag on the video time line. However this is inaccurate and leads to frustration and disruption of my learning flow.

  • Lack of subtitles. Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s more difficult for myself, as a non-native English speaker, to understand English spoken with and accent from the Indian sub-continent. Especially since there, at least in the AZ-103 course, are various speakers with different pronunciations.

  • Some explanations could use more textual support visualization, albeit some simple keywords. I know this is a general remark, however there were several times I noticed that I required some additional textual information to reinforce what was being said.

  • At the end of each section a mini-quiz with some sample questions regarding the topics covered. Example: Within AZ-103 course, you have the different modules, like “Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources”, which in turn is broken up in sections, like “Analyze Azure Utilization and Consumption”. A the end of a section, perhaps a summary of that section + some sample questions or demonstration how and it what form this comes back at the Microsoft exam could be very useful.

  • Either scrap or summarize properly. At the end of each video clip, there is a slide, which I think, is identical as the opening slide and the narrator basically reads out what is displayed. However in my humble opinion, utilize it more! Summarize the theory explained in that video clip and emphasize the important take away points.

That’s it. Keep it up and I can’t wait for the publication of the DP-200 and DP-201 exam training courses.