GOOGLE CLOUD CERTIFIED Professional Data Engineer


When will you release Professional Data Engineer questions? I have been waiting for this for several months and I haven’t heard anything!


We will release the questions within next two weeks.


Can you please update your progress about the new release?


We will update you once it’s released.


It’s more than 16 days from my first message, can you please update?


There is a delay. We need another one month to release this questions.


I am also interested to take up the google data engineer practice tests , can you please let me know when are you planning to release the same


Can you update the community about the date of release?


can you update about google data engineer? I would like to take practice tests before actual exam. Any rough estimation about releasing practice tests would be great.


Can you update us when are u planning to release the data engineer practice exam


such a shame for Whizlabs to not update their users about releasing their practice exam tests! I purchased a lot of your exams from the website and was fan of your website but you guys changed my mind completely! this is not a professional way to manage and operate the business! If there is no plan to release tests soon, you can just leave a comment and update the people about the situation!


Hi Alex

It’s great to know that you’ve purchased many courses from Whizlabs. I do understand that you have waiting for more than a month for the Google Data Engineer questions. We do apologize for the time taken.

We’ve been working hard to create questions for this exam but it’s taking more time than what we’ve expected. That is why we are not informing any release date. We don’t want to provide false commitment for the release date.

We will definitely release the questions for Data Engineer but we can not assure you the date.

Thanks for your kind understanding.


Thank you for the update. This is what I was talking about, updating the users is great way to make them happy.

Can you give us rough date of releasing (e.g. this month or next month or in two months)? I have a plan to take exam this month, I want to know it’s worth to wait or not, giving any rough date would be great?



can you comment on my previous message? Do you think Data Engineer practice tests would be ready by the end of month? Just say Yes or No!


No. It will be ready only December end.


Any update about releasing Data Engineer exams?


Hi, Krishnas,
I hope you can provide an update about your data engineer exam, I am planning to take the exam, thanks.


Krishna, Can you pls update when whizlabs is going to release google data engineer practice test


Hello guys I’m looking to take the exam shortly I would like to know if someone here is planning take it likewise or if the questions are updated on Whizlabs for practicing.



What’s interesting is that the practice questions were available for purchase last week, Whizlabs pulled them and they are no longer for sale at the moment. When I opened a chat on Whizlabs, I was told the questions are being reviewed by the authors. Not sure what this means exactly considering that the practice questions were just released. I hope that there is an update regarding the release soon.