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Has anyone passed the Solutions Architect Professional in 2019? Please share review & feedback


Has anyone passed the Solutions Architect Professional in 2019? Please share review & feedback


I write my Solutions Architect Professional exam few months ago and it was tough. Heavy on AWS Organizations, SCP vs IAM Policies, Private DNS Servers, Lambda@Edge, Amazon ES and many more. The WhizLabs team has done a good job on writing those questions so make sure you take those, including the Final Practice exam that you can only take once. I also used Tutorials Dojo for additional review. All in all these are great resource to pass the exam.


Hi Akki

We recently updated our AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (SAP - C01) Practice Tests, to make it fully aligned for Feb 2019 Exam Version.

Many new topics are now included in 2019 version. Here’s a list of “a few” of the 40+ topics that were added, spread across various practice tests:

  • AWS Organizations,
  • AWS SCP (Service Control Policies) vs IAM Policy,
  • AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) vs. CloudFormation (in deploying Lambda with DynamoDB),
  • AWS SMS (Server Migration Service),
  • Systems Manager,
  • Amazon Cognito,
  • Amazon Rekognition,
  • Amazon DLM (Data LifeCycle Manager),
  • S3 Intelligent Tiering,
  • AWS Batch,
  • AWS X-RAY,
  • AWS Blockchain,
  • Tag based reports (tag approval by payer account),
  • Cost and Usage Report,
  • SQS FIFO queue,
  • SQS dead letter queue vs visibility timeout,
  • Consolidated Billing,
  • Direct Connect LAG etc.

Our CSAP Practice Tests are up to date in terms of topics, pattern & aptness of the latest exam. Having said that, we always strive to maintain the quality of our products with continuous updates based on customer reviews.

Did we miss anything?
Feel free to share your feedback.

— Basant


Hi Mukul

We appreciate your feedback here & in previous related threads. We acted on your feedback to include the missing topics.

Thank You.

— Basant


I took the exam today but unfortunately couldn’t make it. I don’t feel ashamed about it. I would like to give my feedback however.

  • Whizlab Mock Exams are cool, but out of all the questions I practices, only a couple of questions appeared on the actual exam.

  • The actual exam was much tougher than the mock exams on Whizlabs
    I will blame myself for insufficient preparation.
    Anyone who is preparing for this exam, I believe a minimum of 6 months of preparation is a must including a classroom or virtual course.

Please be ready to answer 80 questions in 3 hours and for some questions, reading alone takes around a couple of minutes.

Best of luck to all who are currently preparing for the exam and to all those, who couldn’t clear, like me, also best of luck. I sincerely we clear the exam in our next attempts.


Hi Surjeet

Regret to know that you couldn’t clear the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam. However, I’m glad & appreciate you for your positive outlook. Indeed it is important not to get disheartened with a failure! Learn from your mistakes, move on & try again.

Your feedback will definitely caution others to prepare very well for professional level exams. Recently we tried our best to update the Solutions Architect Professional practice tests and we believe that it is aligned with the new version of the exam. What do you think? Did we miss any topics?

Also, if you’re facing time constraint issue in the AWS exams you can apply for “Accommodation” > “ESL +30 Minutes” (provided English is your Second Language).

All the Best
— Basant


Whizlab material is useless for this certification.
Exam questions are much more tough and complex.
Don’t try this if you don’t have real-life experience with very complex AWS solutions.
I studied for months and couldn’t make it.