Have you ever not gotten your AWS exam Score Report?


I took the SysOps exam on Friday, 4 days ago, and was immediately told that I had passed and I received the email on Saturday stating that my results had been uploaded to the AWS certification site. Indeed they are there with my certificates and badges and such but no score report. It just says “Pass”. I’m curious to know how well I did.


I had a similar experience…or i thought i did until i searched back though the emails i received from Amazon and decided to scroll to the bottom of the email. There i saw the scores.


Bingo!!! I went back and looked at the emails and sure enough, if you scroll down to the bottom, there are the results. Thanks rowlando!


I have got one link redirecting to AWS Certification account but there is no score card available. In the email body itself score is not available. I am dying to see my score and not sure what to do next :thinking: