Help with Google certification


I’m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I took the Google Cloud Architect certification test on Friday. At the end of the test was told I did not pass. Problem is that I have a very good memory and reviewing the question lists from all the resources I used prior to the exam (Cloud Academy, CourseRA, Google, WhizLabs, Udemy and Linus Academy) I found at least 40 questions of the 50 on the test. I cannot believe I missed more than 5 to 8. I’m wondering if a system glitch either didn’t score my test correctly or there is a possibility that my answers/answer order were incorrectly sent. Problem is that Google doesn’t provide any option when you would desire somebody take a closer look at the test. I was hoping somebody has knowledge of a way to ask that the exam I took be reviewed. I am an MSCE for Azure and hold both AWS professional certs and have been working with the Cloud for over three years.