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How important may be Kinesis Medias and Analytics for the exam?


Hello everyone,

We know Kinesis is a very huge part of the speciality exam and covers the majority if not the bigger portion regarding the data collection. However, there are 4 different services within Kinesis where perhaps there are 3 specialized on the collection and a last one focus on analytics approach.

I’m covering data streaming and firehose as much as I can before jump into my exam, but then I was wondering the level of importance for Analytics service yes perhaps just high-level knowledge to allow me to dive on the streaming data catch by kinesis DS might be enough. In the other hand, likely Kinesis medias is covered knowing that reacts very similar to Data Stream and then I pull off to FAQ less.

I have followed the A Cloud Guru course and they don’t mention anything about these two services so I appreciate if people that have already attempt the exam can confirm how really important these are.

thanks so much.


Hi Andres,
If you have referred Acloudguru course for “collection” section in detail, you are good to go for exam. Please do understand the use cases/scenarios in which kinesis streams will be preferred over kinesis firehorse and vice versa. I must say that question from “collections” sections are tricky and will decide your overall score for the exam
Please do watch this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3713oGB6Zk