I have my exam today and Confused in one of questions


Your company is planning on move their on-premise MySQL database to an AWS RDS Instance. They want to understand what are the key activities that will be performed by AWS which would reduce the administrative activities of their IT staff. Which of the following is carried out by AWS for database hosted in the AWS RDS? Choose 2 answers from the options given below.

Kindly find the attachment there you will get to know what is my confussion.


Hi Kartik,
Sorry for the confusion, and coming to the query raised - Security Patches has to be installed only by YOU, AWS will not get the work done.
Could you take out time and send us the Practice Test name & the question number. We will get it corrected.
All the best and looking for your updates on this thread.



Thanks for your answer. Practice test no. 5 question no. 1