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I need advice for SysOps Admin associate Whizlabs practice questions


In first attempt cleared all 5 new practice tests with 70 point something percentage.
After Reading explanations and further preparation, completed all 5 tests 4 times and now getting 98 to 100% in all new practice tests.
Am I ready to go for actual exam by amazon?


Hello there,

Clearing all the 5 Practice Tests successfully in first attempt is definitely a good indicator of your exam readiness. On the other hand, if you’re consistently scoring 95% + in our tests it means you are ready to go for the real test with confidence.

Having said that I must mention here that I’ve assumed that you’ve cracked the practice tests not merely based on memory & you possess a clear understanding of most of the concepts required for the SysOps Admin exam.

Before the exams make sure to go through the relevant FAQs & Whitepapers. Also, do attempt our “Section Test” if you’ve not already covered it.

When are you planning to appear for the exam? Do share your experience with us.

All the Best



Thank you very much for response Basant.
Getting clear understanding of all concepts would take a year to study as its a huge syllabus.
I have studied acloudguru sysops videos and few FAQs(S3, config, elasticache) from aws documentations also.
Regarding Section Test, its not marked as new. Also the diagnostic test not marked as new. Maybe not updated.
By the way I tried today after getting your response, the 2 available section tests and failed in both.
Please suggest to have confidence for exam.
I have not scheduled it yet but aiming to clear within a week. Please give your suggestions.


Hi Ved Prakash

You’re welcome! Do not miss FAQs on CloudWatch. It’s an important topic for SysOps exam.

A few general tips:

  • Process of Elimination - Use this when you’re not sure about the answer. Eliminate clearly wrong options & try to zero-in the right answer.

  • Read Faster - Try & practice to read faster. In general, when you read fast you comprehend it faster.

  • Exam Schedule: Choose a morning or afternoon slot based on your personal peak efficiency period. Yes! know your mind & body – whether you perform best at morning or afternoon hours.

When the countdown starts i.e. during the last 3 days of your exam:

  • Attempt a few set of full length Whizlabs Practice Tests at your home in an exam like conditions preferably at the same time of the day when you’ve scheduled your actual exam. Yes, this does help in tuning your mind & body to get used to the exam-like condition.

  • Sleep well. Exercise. Keep your biological clock on track.

All the Best


Thank you for the Tips Basant.
I have recently studied few more FAQs and ddos whitepaper and did not do any of practice test in Whizlab.
I have 3 days remaining to exam. These three days I am going to only attempt these Whizlabs Practice Tests. Will attempt all 5 tests at lease once in a day up to 3 days.
Wish me all the best and please suggest if you have anything more to suggest me.



You’re welcome Ved. All the Best for your exam.

Important: Night before the exam, relax & sleep well. It’ll help you to focus more during the exam.

Feel free to share your experience here.


Hi Basant,
I have further more queries related to AWS SysOps exam.

  1. Is the WhizLab Test exam tougher than the AWS actual exam?
  2. Is it required or suggested to go for AWS provided practice test even after doing whizlab tests?
  3. Similar to Whizlab questions, in AWS exam do they provide how many answers I have to select when there is multiple answer question?



One more question Basant.
Does the exam pattern remain same until aws launches pattern change every year or 2 times a year?
Or it is different every time you login to exam and different for different candidate as well?


Hi Basant.
I have not received your response for quite some time.
Anyways, I have today attempted AWS SysOps exam and failed.
Waiting to see how much I scored.
Lot of questions and scenarios where much different from the Whizlab 5 tests.
Yes, few questions matched exactly same and few were somewhat similar scenarios as in whizlab. But not more than 10 questions approx.


Hi Ved

Sorry to hear that you couldn’t clear the exam.

When you get the domain wise score please focus on the areas that requires attention.

You should not expect the same questions of Practice Tests in the AWS exam. We create & provide various scenario based questions on relevant exam topics that can stimulate your learning & can subsequently train your mind to face the challenges of the real exam.

Please pay attention to the words quoted below in my 1st response to this post:

Thank you for being our valued customer.

— Basant