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I pass DevOps exam , my opinion about Whizlabs vs The real Exam


I have passed the exam today. The test exams are ok to prepare you on the style of questions that will appear in the real exam but I think that of the 440 questions less than half comply with that, that is, there are NO definition questions. ALL are scenarios at least in my case. Nor do you expect the same questions to appear.

That said, if I strongly recommend the following, watch the official free AWS EXAM READNESS DEVOPS course, this excellent and short course explains that you are really going to be on the exam and I can validate that it was like that, many people in this forum complain about that they saw questions from Guarduty and inspector and that they are not covered by the test exam, however in the course if they mention it including topics such as Service Catalog, RTO / RPO, Dynamo DAX, and some tips that are very useful.

That said my strategy was, see the WhizLabs course (highly recommended, accurate and not long and unnecessary as Linux Academy in my opinion), Whizlabs simulators (all) and in the end by chance readness. But if I did it again it was Readness, then the Whizlabs course, jayeendra blogs to clarify differences between opsworks and beanstalk in terms of deployments (very well summarized and explained), and finally the simulators (1 or 2)

75 questions and 180 minutes, I had 20 minutes left to review, if you know the products well no matter if there are questions you do not understand, you will be able to identify the mistakes easily and you will have more chances to get it right.


Hi njg120, I didn’t pass my exam. Got a 660.

Can I check on the exam readiness devops is it possible if u can share the link? What other material links ? If possible can pm me?

I agree the exam on whizlabs didn’t have the exact questions and it was more simplified than the exam.

Thank you very much


Hi lxha.

Sure, create account or login in and search for readiness DevOps , its a free material. You should buy the devops course on Whizlabs. As you can see the simulators are not very helpful, however with what is indicated in the readiness it can help you focus on the topics, in my case the Whizlabs course and the blog of help me a lot to clarify differences between opsworks and beanstalk the types of deployments supported.