I passed the exam, here are some tips


The questions came from these area.
•Security Groups
•VPCsAZs, NAT gateway, route tables, NACLs
•Encryption types: SSE-S3, SSE-C, SSE-KMS
•S3 and lifecycle
•Elastic Beanstalk
•API Gateway
•Cloudfront, OAI/signed URLs
•R53 and health checks
•AWS Batch

I coud say Whizlabs coverd the question that showed up on the real exam. If you can pass upper 80% of Whizlabs’s practice exams, pass the real exam is not a difficult thing.


Hi Jack

Glad to know that the Practice Tests helped you in passing the exam.

  • Do you’ve any suggestion for improvement of our Solutions Architect (A) practice tests?

— Basant


Hi, Basant!

I really appreciate the efforts of you all!

  • Do you’ve any suggestion for improvement of our Solutions Architect (A) practice tests?

After I finished every practice tests, I always reviewed all the explanations. But I had several times to confuse the explanations of the answer. Like I think other option is better, but the correct is the other one. Even I sent the message to ask your staff in the page, but I had never get any response. So, I think if every answer can have a mini forum to ask question or to see other people’s question and explanations, it is gonna be better. Getting information from other people can bring more ideas, it can also reduce your workload to response the questions which from the users.



Hi Jack

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We, appreciate your idea & you’ll soon see an improved version of the Forum. We’re working on it.

As far as missing out on a support query is concerned, can you please share a little more detail? You might have received an email with a ticket number.

We do use one of the best ticket based customer help-desk software packages & try our best to address out to every customer’s concern.

— Basant