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Many Thanks to you Whizlabs!


I passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam last week.

I studied for this exam through different courses and practice tests and I am really thankful for their outstanding course which help me to achieve this success:

Many thanks to Whizlabs you had been a great contributor for me to pass the exam. Thumbs up for creating this course.

ACG and Linux Academy for their nice content, hands on demo and relevant and real life scenario labs.

Jon Bonso Udemy practice tests for their recent and always updated exam and detailed explanations.

DolphinED for their extensive course which I found very essential.

About the Exam:

The questions in the exam were not the same. I don’t want anyone to think that they will see the same questions in any practice tests over the internet but they are mostly similar.

The actual exam will not have tough questions but It is having all questions with confusing answers which will test your detailed understanding of AWS.

Lastly, if you know your services good (how and why they work ) and you take Whizlabs and Jon Bonso practice tests till you get more than 90%, then the exam will be very EASY TO TAKE!


Impressive. Congratulations. I like the way you approach your preparation. Thanks for the sharing. Did you have prior AWS experience?


Thank you! I do not have any prior experience on AWS. But my determination to pass with the help of the above essential courses for my review helped me clear the exam.


Can you please share what kind of topics came in the exam? It will be helpful for future exam takers.


The exam was mostly tricky and scenario based questions.

The following topics were covered: ALB, Auto scaling, RDS, RedShift, Cognito, Kinesis, ElasticCache, DynmoDB, API Gateway, NAT Gateway, Redis Auth, IPV6 Internet Gateway, Route53, SNI, CD/CI and Lots of questions about Lambda.

I’m still deciding if I shall go for Professional level exam (CSAP) or Specialty Advanced Network Exam.

Any advise?


First of all Congratulations!

In regards to your question Much better if you can take them both. There are already a lot of AWS CSA-Associate certified individuals so having the CSAP under your belt will help you stand out among the rest.

It depends on a lot of other factors on what you want to do next. But then again the choice is always yours.


Thanks for the advice nniazi!


Congratulations man! I am also thinking about continuing my training in AWS and studying for another certification. I’m not sure if I should go ahead with the SysOps Administrator Associate or with the Solutions Architect Professional. It would depend on what I would like to focus my career on…


Congrats! If you are planning to take AWS SA Professional certification, you can check out this helpful exam feedback:



Thanks @mukul for the feedback link. Will check it out. :+1: