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Microsoft Azure 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (Practice Questions)


Hi, when will you be releasing any practice tests for 70-535?


We are releasing 70-535 exam today. It is already ready for launch. You can buy it here:


Hi, I have Azure 70-534 bought from you. I understand that you guys will be upgrading us to the new 535 practice tests. Will you be doing it soon?


Has anyone taken this exam? and could provide any feedback?


Please send mail to our support for this. They will help you in upgrading.


is anyone planning to take this exam?


I really think you need to look at your exam pools for the Azure exams ASAP as they are so off topic its ridiculous.

To the point that I’m not happy that I have paid for such content.

The questions in the pool are repeated and in some cases have different answers. The scenarios are not true to the exam.

The questions supplied are far far to easy and the exam definatly is not.

Everything in the exam is scenario based. Everything! so loads of these questions in the pool are irrelevant 60%

I would not recommend anyone buying these azure exams in this current state. And I’m a bit disapointed with Whizlabs considering some good reviews.

To say these have only been recently created and so far off topic its quite deceiving and disappointing.

I have Azure knowledge and passed the 533 exam despite the constant in that also being very poor and nothing at all like the exam. But 30% in that exam pool may have been on simular topics and subjects so it helped a little.

This exam pool is way way way of the mark. I sat this exam today with 2 years of Azure experience and just missed the grade.

But as I say the content in this exam set is terrible and not worth wasting your money on.

Remove all the pointless padding and irrelevant questions and concentrate on senarios and ones that reflect the course content.

I’m not interested in brain dumps just relevant content all senarios with valid explanations.

For those that may be interested in brain dumps you wont get a single question the same in the exam as these similulator ones from Whizlabs.

They need attention and completely recreating. Not impressed!!

every question was about a solution deployment and had multiple answers (with the exception of the does this solution fit) yes/no

plenty of references to IoT, b2b and b2c connections

@krishnas @Pavan can you look into this please


@krishnas @Pavan
Can you provide information on when these courses will be addressed?

The content is currently very poor and off topic as mentioned above


@Pavan @krishnas

Can someone please provide an update and let me and anyone else know when this content will be updated and made more relevant.

it’s not fair to charge people for what is not relevant material for the exams.

or for them to believe just because they have been released recently that they are suitable learning material.

I would appreciate some communication on how and when it will be addressed instead of being ignored.


No answer on the original message 12 days ago…
come on guys seriously sort it out!!
@krishnas @Pavan

You have been tagged in this so i know you are seeing the comments.

It’s not very good to sell a product and ignore your customers


Hi pencilpot,

Kindly excuse for the delayed response and inconvenience caused.

Let me go through your queries. Give me sometime, i will analyse practice tests wrt the queries and get back to you on this.


The posts above explain my concern the tests need updating completely

Can you confirm when this will be done @Pavan . As mentioned no questions are relevant to the exam at all


I have been informed these will be fully updated again.

Can you confirm the time frame? @Pavan @krishnas


I commend you on pursuing this, your post was very helpful and I will hold off purchasing for practice at this stage based on your comments.


We are working on it. I will provide the timeline ASAP.


Please tag me as well when this happens, thanks.


Has this material been updated?


Hello Singh,

Our Microsoft Azure 70-535 practice questions are up to date.

Warm Regards,
Whizlabs Team.



Anybody recently took Azure 70-535 exam ? How many questions are from whizlab ? I am planing to take the 70-535 test



Anyone taken the test recently? Did the whizlab questions help with studies?