Networking Speciality?


Anyone take/pass this exam recently?

I have passed all 3 Associate Exams, now turning my attention to the Networking Specialty. Scheduled to take the exam on 4/28/18.

Used WhizLabs for all 3 Associate exams with great results. Have also used ACloudGuru.

For this exam so far I have finished the ACG video series, I am beginning to go through the WhizLabs exams and am working my way through the official AWS study book for the Networking Specialty.

Anyone else working on this one? Advice?


I’d look for other test material for Network - I took this in December passing questions at 95% here, and failed it the real test miserably. Question on whizlabs were nothing like actual questions on test, and was entirely unprepared for that sort of test questions seen. Much as others describe for the Professional tests, most of them were scenario-based, and simple multi-choice questions here don’t cover them suitably.

Even though I come from more of a network background, I just don’t have the actual experience with Amazon to know outside of poor training questions here leaving me unprepared for the real test. I’ve shelved efforts as someone else at our company got the network specialization saving me the hassle, and I’ve not seen any updates to material here to attempt a retry.

I’d be curious what other material folks have found to study for this, as it seems to be on no one’s priority list to fix at whizlab, and I’m mostly writing off any of the advanced pro courses as a waste here.


I took this exam 2 weeks back and failed by near margin. Yes questions in whizlabs are different to the one’s that appeared in the live exam. I was able to score 60% because of my other learning activities. Take the exam only if you know AWS advanced level networking concepts in and out especially connecting your DC to AWS Cloud (VPN, Direct interconnect). Most of the exam questions are from this section of AWS exam guide.


The question in the actual AWS certified network speciality exam are very different from the Whizlabs practice exam. The Whiz practice exam doesn’t cover the breadth or depth of the knowledge required and thus doesn’t prepare, and worst gives you a false sense of readiness for what is the hardest AWS cert. Whizlabs should do better and recalibrate the questions.


We are working on the new questions. It will be updated by this month end.


Are u planning to release this exam in july? thanks.


The revised questions will be available from 2nd, July. Within next 2 days. Please start use our new questions and provide your feedback.


previous set was not up to the mark.looking forward for the new set of questions.



Yes, We agree. The previous one was not up to the mark. But, we have put more effort this time creating much better and real exam like questions.

I am very much interested to hear feedback from you. It will be announced here once the new questions are ready.


I am planning to take the exam by the end of July and am very keen to review them soon.
Will give feedback once I take the test.


We have updated the questions. Please review and provide your feedback.

The new questions are available now. You can login and check.


When you say this exam is updated, new question sets were launched or existing questions were updated with new one’s or how is that?

Thanks for clarifying.


We have added three new set of practice questions (65 questions on each test). Existing questions will be still available for your reference.

Thanks and Regards,
Whizlabs Team.


Hi There,

Here the link is below for AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Practice Questions

Practice Test includes
a. New Free Test - 15 questions
b. 3 Practice tests. - 65 questions each.

We have provided detailed explanation on the answer key.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

All the best for your exam :slight_smile:


Hi Prenesh, is thtis exam updated? I mean, can I pass the cert with this questions now in 2019?
@ Prenesh


I just took the AWS Advanced Networking Test and “passed”. The Whizlabs are good practice but they are not the same questions. I am very glad they were NOT the same questions. I want the Certification to be more than memorizing questions. Anyone can do that. Each question of the Whizlabs gives you are great area to study. After going through A Cloud Videos. Go through every single question in all the Whizlabs and study the Topics they discuss and what the answers are and why. You are not going to be asked the same question but you will be asked about the same topics. I must admit having a STRONG networking background was very helpful because networking is networking. Only the Constructs change. Don’t just memorize the answers in the practice tests or you will fail. Understand the questions, the answers and the topics being discussed. If you do this. You will pass. CCIE #8521