New Announcement - AWS Certified Big Data Specialty(BDS-C00) - Practice Tests - 2019 Release


We are happy to announce that New Practice Tests for AWS Certified Big Data Specialty are released.

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty [BDS-C00] - Whizlabs

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Check the blog here for more details.


  • Consistent with Real AWS Big Data Specialty Certification exam.

  • We have provided detailed explanation on the answer key.

  • We have also added the details in explanation about the incorrect options. This would help students clarify “Why the other options are incorrect”.

Practice Test Details

Please let me know if you have any queries.

All the best for your exam :slight_smile:

Passed AWS Big data speciality with 82%
Failed AWS Certified Big Data exam
Passed with 74% - Practice tests are not helpful



I will be taking in a month now. Does it contain the latest set of exam now in AWS Big Data Specialty?

Thank you.


Yes, the practice tests have been updated.


@Pavan Thank you very much for this valuable contribution and informative.


Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

In last one month we have analysed the new questions created against the exam pattern. One thing we did understand is that, questions need to be more consistent with exam pattern.

This is the one field which we needed to work a lot and we did start work on it immediately.

Please check the new section test “Data Collection” which we added based on feedback. This section contains 15 questions on data collection.

Please do go through the section test and let me know your feedback. These questions i feel are very much consistent with exam.

In next 2 weeks we are going to completely revamp all 3 full practice tests.