New Announcement - AWS Certified Security - Specialty - New Practice Tests Release


We are happy to announce that New Practice Tests for AWS Certified Security - Specialty are released.

Practice Test Details
a. New Free Test - 15 questions
b. 3 Practice tests. - 65 questions each.

We have provided detailed explanation on the answer key.

We have also added the details in explanation about the incorrect options. This would help students clarify “Why the other options are incorrect”.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

All the best for your exam :slight_smile:

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Just took the exam today and failed. None of the questions in the practice tests were in the real exam.

When will you guys update the practice tests?



Hi Ensoffer,

We are sorry to hear about your result.

We have updated the practice tests recently.

We did get good reviews from many of our users.

Could you please let me know if there was any particular topic or concepts were which you felt were missing from the practice tests?

It will be very helpful for us to create new net of questions based on your suggestion and add update practice tests with additional questions.


Hi Pavan,
I took the same exam 4 days ago and, unfortunately, I failed it as well with 71,5%.
There were many questions that I wasn’t prepared to, like using Athena, Macie, AWS Organisation.
Nevertheless, the questions were helpful, the overall level of difficulty was much higher on the real exam compared to the questions here.


I just took the exam this morning, I managed to finish all practice tests in Whizlabs before the exam and intensively study the comments and explanations from the practice exam’s questions, but found it quite different in terms of focus on the questions. It’s more on AMS KMS related scenario based questions than what came up from practice tests in whizlabs which I feel is more definition focus and more on CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and Amazon Config.

None of the question found in practice exam similar to the one in the exam
Suggest you read more materials on encryption/decryption to prepare for this exam. This is not an easy one I would say. Didn’t pass. ;(