New Announcement - Full Tests - AWS Solutions Architect Professional - Update


Hi All,

We have released the updated Practice Tests for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.

  1. All 5 Practice Test update - Completed.
  2. We have provided detailed explanation on the answer key.
  3. We have also added the details in explanation about the incorrect options. This would help students clarify “Why the other options are incorrect”.

Please let me know if you have any queries.



Has anyone recently sat the exam using these questions? Did you pass and find the questions just as useful?

Hopefully you did?

Has anyone else any update on the new question pool. I plan to sit my Pro exam in a few weeks too so it would be interesting to know :slight_smile:



If your looking and hoping these questions are braindumps and will appear on exam you are in for a big surprise as none of them are

I recently failed with 64 and i put a lot of work into this as well as a cloudguru linuxacademy and kwiklabs i am taking it again in 2 weeks so have done a lot of reading

My advice is take these questions as good prep for practising a test and getting comfortable with testing however do not think your going pass with these exams :slight_smile:


Yes i do have one concern although im not looking for dumps i think too many of these questions are associate level which is a waste of students time id rather have 3 condensed exams targeting ONLY Pro level questions with excellent answers


Hi WillyWonker,

We are working on replacing the lower level questions if there is any. We are actively working on updating them. Please send us feedback if you feel any questions of CSAA level. We will replace them with Professional level questions.


I passed the AWS Solutions Architect Professional test 9 days ago on 03/30/2018 using only Whizlabs for studying. I recognized about 50% of the questions from Whizlabs. The rest I was able to figure out just by understanding Whizlabs material.

Overall Score: 79%
Topic Level Scoring:
1.0 High Availability and Business Continuity: 72%
2.0 Costing: 100%
3.0 Deployment Management: 71%
4.0 Network Design: 71%
5.0 Data Storage: 72%
6.0 Security: 85%
7.0 Scalability & Elasticity: 90%
8.0 Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture: 71%


Awesome :slight_smile: Congratulations.

Let me know if you have faced any new topics in the exam. It will be really helpful for us to improve the quality of practice tests.


No new topics on my exam.


Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:



I don’t see those 5 practice tests when checking on my AWS CSAP Practice Tests. I do see Diagnostic Test and 4 more Practice Tests. Is that what you mean?



Hi Ensoffer,

Yes, we meant totally we have 5 mock tests. One is mentioned as Diagnostic test and remaining mentioned as practice tests.


anyone recently passed this exam?


When do you expect the new questions collections to come out? I was told something in May?


Hello Ensoffer

Practice questions has been updated few days back. It’s not a new set, we have replaced existing questions with new questions.


anyone recently passed this exam?


Please check this thread for recent reviews: I have passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam (CSAP) on April 14, 2018 - Review


Hi ,
I gave my exam recently after preparing for two months for AWS Solutions Architect Associate and I have failed the exam.
Could you assure me that you have the latest release in Feb 2018 pattern and your preparation material will help me clear the exam in second attempt.


Hello Reachup!

We are sorry to know that you were not able to clear the exam.

We try to replicate the real exam scenarios in the practice tests and the section tests. We offer section tests that are add-on to the practice tests to evaluate yourself against each topic. So each section tests have all level of questions(low, moderate and high level). Whizlabs section wise test covers the detailed understanding of the relevant services. Please study the relevant AWS whitepapers, FAQs to understand the AWS services and validate your knowledge using whizlabs practice test.

Whizlabs Team