New Announcement - New Learning Management Platform


Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce the launch of our own new custom Learning Management Platform. A brand new way of learning specifically designed for better user experience.

Check out awesome new features.

Steps to check out new LMS:

  1. Login to Whizlabs.
  2. Select any course which you purchased. Voila , you found the new learning Platform.

Please find more details in our blog post here.

Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. :slight_smile:


  1. Old Learning Management Platform is still available for the users who still want to use it. Just click on Goto Old LMS button on myaccount page.
  2. You can access prior attempts progress details from it.



Hi Pavan,
The new site is good, except one page i.e., All Courses. Clicking on it, is displaying all the courses available. I would suggest display the Course Name i.e., Amazon Web Services, and when user clicks should either take the user to separate page or display the list of certifications available under it.
Hope you understood what am saying.



Where are the courses I purchased? They are not appearing at all. I can’t access any of them.


With the new platform it is not possible to see the previous progress and most of the questions of my exams are hardly readable, some exams time out after 15 min (they should be 130 min), questions are missing spaces… just terrible. I need to prepare my certification and like this it is impossible to study.


Hi edgarpf,

Our Support team is looking into this. If possible, please do raise a request in helpdesk for quick resolution.

Thank you.


Hi Vero,

You can check your previous progress of practice tests can be accessed from “Goto Old LMS” button.

Please do raise a request in helpdesk with details of practice tests where you are facing time issues. It will be quickly resolved.

Thank you.


Hi Viswanath,

Thank you for the feedback.

That’s a really good suggestion. We have noted it down in our bucket list. We will work on it ASAP.



Hi Pavan,
One more suggestion.
In the previous mode, I could go to the practice test, and in the right side panel can click on the required question to view it. That was easy for navigation.
But in this new model, I got to scroll to that particular question, if am having too many wrong answers and need to review them. Now, all the questions are displayed in the same page. Can you guys plan to either bring the previous mode of navigation or some other option for easy navigation.



Hi Viswanath,

Yes… That’s a important feature. I completely understand your point. We have noted it down and work on it as priority.

Thank you for pointing it out.


I just finished a test. How and where do I review the results? Being honest, I think it is terrible update to your system.


Hello Aleksander,

Please follow the below steps to review the results.

  1. Click on the Report option on the specific practice test
  2. Click the + mark option in the registered reports.
  3. Then you can able to review the results by clicking the report option.

Whizlabs Team


There is nothing there.


The New Learning platform is good.
I just finsihed AWSA Test 3 and the result was a fail whereas I checked through and I passed.
All the answers I chose was correct except for a few ones.
Please look into this.


It’s not terrible.
Many things have been improved like - fast UI, the different sections of question, progress bar etc.
At the same time, some things need to improve.

  • The right side navigation pan of the question set (during review/report) must be brought back.
  • The question sets have some issues with font size.
  • (In Some questions)The words of options are still together, there is no space between words, which makes harder to read and misleading.
  • etc


Hi fatokky,

Can you please raise a request using “Ask Our Experts” option pointing out particular questions which you think are incorrect?

We can pinpoint and provide you details on that. If required, We will update the questions.


Hi royki,

Thank you for the feedback.

  1. That’s true. This is in our bucket list. It will be brought back soon.
  2. I think this issue occurs only in chrome. We are working on fixing it.
  3. We have noticed it in some places. It is a database migration issue. We are working on fixing it.

If you notice any other issues, Please do share. It will be very helpful.

Thank you.


Terrible update when it is not thoroughly tested and they loose results after they are submitted. I agree that the fast UI is nice - but that is about it.


Hi Aleksander_Hansson,

Previous results are always stored and will be available in practice test page. Please check below screenshot. You can click on Report to see details of that attempt.

Please let me know if you are looking for some other feature. I will check and provide you details.



There are 5 New Practice tests available under the Sysops Associate. Are there any other tests available or this is it ?