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New Questions in Whizlabs Practice Tests - AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Pro


Hello there

We’re back again with another round of updates!

Whizlabs Practice Test for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional have undergone a massive overhaul to make them fully aligned with the latest exam topics & pattern.

We made sure to weed out outdated, repeated & a few non-relevant questions from Practice Tests (PTs) and replaced them with questions on new topics relevant to the DevOps Engineer Pro.

Here’s a partial list of the topics that are already added. The questions on these topics are spread across various practice tests:

CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeStar;
Canary Deployment, Red/black Deployment, Infrastructure as Code implementation;
Cost optimization via automation,
Amazon Macie,
Quick Sight,
Personal Health Dashboard,
Cloudwatch (logs, events, metrics, triggers),
Auto Scaling Lifecycle hooks,
DynamoDB – LSI & GSI,
RDS (DR scenarios, CloudFormation scenarios, cross-region read replicas),
Elastic Beanstalk - ebextensions as well as the deployment types.
Amazon Aurora Global Database,
Inspector to validate AMI,
CodeDeploy appspec.yml (environment variables),
Trusted Advisor and EC2 usage + Lambda,
Lambda to get latest AMI for CloudFormation,
Systems Manager (mi prefixed, run command, patch).

Did we still miss any topic?

Feel free to share your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates.

Good Luck
Team Whizlabs.


Great to hear the practices are updated.

I just passed the exam before you updated the practices one day ago.
So i do not try the new practices.

The practices are really helpful, especially the CD and Process Automation, like actual exam questions.

Base on your new topics above, most of them really appear in the real exam i took.
So i can provide some questions which not include above as i remember.

  1. CloudFormation “InputValue” & “NestStack” template
  2. hybrid install, Puppet agent
  3. Amazon Macie vs GuardDuty, multiple AWS Account Setup



How updated are the new exams now? I just got one recently and am planning to go for my exam soon


Hi Key_HeHa

Tell me, the new question test of WhizLabs how accurate is ? sorry my english


Hi njg120

I do not take the new tests since i already passed the exam.
Base on the previous tests and the new questions topics described here by Basant

I think the new tests cover almost 95% of the real exam in same difficulty.


thanks Key_HeHA , i have some question if you dont mind , how was you source study for the exam ? you took other simulator ? how many question appear and what was your score? Thanks very much


Hi njg120

For DevOps Engineer Professional, I only took Whizlabs video course. My score is 83%
I can tell you that no exactly same question appeared in the real exam but similar topics and difficulty.
You should understand all topics before going to the exam.
Good luck.