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New vs old DevOps Pro exam


When I checked out the exam schedule, it has two versions, one is regular “AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional”, and the other is “AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional (retiring 2019)”. How many questions on the exam since it’s duration is 180 minutes vs the old one (170 minutes)? I just passed Security - Specialty, does the exam questions more scenario base, longer sentence and trickier?


Hi saleng76,

  • AWS Exam for DevOps Engineer professional 2019, which is a new exam released in February 2019 can have questions questions anywhere in the range from 70-80. Its not fixed. At least for now.

  • Yes, If you go through the New 2019 Syllabus for DevOps, you will know that even though topics remain the same, domains are changed and the scenarios based questions takes more precedence.

Please expect Lot of scenario based questions and trickier questions.
Longer sentence - For professional courses questions can longer however they are not like essay comprehension type. You can pretty much understand the scenario directly once you read the question. Its always about choosing the right option as options tend to be more trickier and confusing.

All the best for your exam :slight_smile:


Thank you Pavan! 65 questions within 170mins for Security - Specialty already got me nearly out of time, 70-80 questions in 180 mins is going to be even worse…However, after I complete the DevOps Pro course, I will get some practices tests from Whizlabs, and practice to read faster…LoL.


Haha… I understand your concern. Do share us your experience once you take the exam. :slight_smile: