Not Happy with the Support center response


Good morning.
I am finding more of automated replies with the support center than solving or understanding the issues which end user ask
Each time we need to explain from the beginning on whats the issue, even though it is clearly mentioned in earlier repsonses


Hi John,

I see that you have raised 10 technical queries in April 2019 and 3 non technical queries. Out of them 9 technical queries are already been answered and 2 non technical queries are solved.

Remaining 2 queries will be addressed soon.

Please let me know if there is any particular query which you are referring to and facing the issue. I will surely check and provide you proper response.


Hi Pawan,
thanks for the reply.
Your system automated reply we cant take it as reply.
What I have written is the conversation get lost, most of the time support guy do not know what was in the earlier conversation, most of the reply seems cut and paste, this is what I am experiencing


I think i understand the query you are referring to. Its one with Coupon Code.

I have asked my team to check and provide you proper response immediately. You will receive a mail from them soon.

Please do let me know if have any other issues… I will check them.