Passed 70-533 eaxm


Wizzalbs questions are enough to get through… it does cover… 533 sylabus


actually i work on azure platform and also i learned from cbt nuggets which very helpful. then wizzlabs question helps you to pass for sure.


Hello Guys,

I would like to take 70-533 exam, but would like to know is the dump still valid? Your input on this would be appreciated!




We keep updating the questions based on user’s feedback and pattern change. Our practice questions are up to date.


I passed this exam recently…
it wasn’t easy and needs your own study too. I would say a couple of senarios are the same but 90% different.

it obviously helps if you use Azure and have run a course


Hi, pencilpot,

When did you pass the exam? Was it after the practice exams were modified or were you practising based on the old version? Thanks


Are some of the Answers in the Whizlabs tests wrong? How up to date are these Q&A as Microsoft keep updating Azure platform?



I found there to be a few simular topics but not many. I work with Azure and have used the linux academy course too. That got me over the line.

I think that the questions have changed a fair bit.
The code questions were the same 3 or 4 of them. but you need to know the line of code and move it into the correct locations.

It is still an ok study resource for sure but you won’t pass with just this. Alot of irrelevant content.

Maybe I got a more updated pool of questions I don’t know but that was my experience.


I’ve gone through the Udemy Course twice and reading white papers and using this as practice for test questions. But some of answers (very few) seem to be wrong when I reference it to white papers. Just wondering what other material you used.


Hi guys.
I had the official Microsoft course for this exam and studied by this test, passing with a score of 80%.
Some questions are quite similar, but not exactly.
In any case, it was a good material to help me passing on this exam.
Lots of question on my exam was about AD integration, ARM templates and Json scripts.


I passed my 70-533 exam, only 6 new questions.


Hi Jonny,

Congrats! Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards,
Whizlabs Team.


Hi wirygnrhd,

Are the questions mostly from Whizlab ? I am thinking of taking 70-533 & 70-535

I didnt understand what you mean by 6 questions. Can you please explain ?



I took 533 recently, quite a few questions are not there in these tests. Also number of questions are less so not a lot of margin for wrong answers.


Hi Abhishek,

Congrats on clearing the certification !

Can you share the details ?

Did you use practice test from any other websites ? Did you take any course from acludguru/linuxacademy or something else ?



Hi John,

I passed 70-533 with score of 892 yesterday. Though I study using course, the Azure course are nowhere as good and complete as AWS ones. Also nature of azure exam is more of syntax oriented while AWS is concept oriented so you need to rely on dumps. There are a lot of questions which are not part of practice test so you need to rely on other sources.

Hope this was helpful



HI Abhishek,

Can you please share how you prepared and what tests are good?, which website course is good to go?

Appreciate your help.


Hi Naidub,

I used the udemy Scott Duffy course for preparation but that is not enough to pass.

Apart from whizlab test, I had referred other practice tests as well and I can share them with you.(drop me ur email id in private message, can’t name them in this forum)

Answers in the dumps/practice tests might be wrong, so you have to do a little research and own judgement.

My strategy was if the question appears from whizlabs practice test then I would choose the answer recommended by whizlabs otherwise my own understanding.

You just have to hammer away at the practice tests. Better to practice in ete test engines because scenario based question expect right steps and right sequence of steps as well.

Let me know if any questions.


Hi Abhishek,

Could you please share other sites/test q/a?
I am not finding an option to send you private message.



I passed 70-533 with score 844 today. Many questions were one on one.
I think Scott Duffy’s course and Whizlabs Testexam are a good combination, but you need also
practical experience.