Passed ACSAP today


I sat the Solutions Architect Professional Exam today and passed it with a score of 79%. I put two months of study in for this and used both ACG and LA training courses as well as Whizlabs.

I sat the AWS practice test twice in the last week, failured it first time and passed it the second time.

The exam breakdown was:

Overall Score: 79%
Topic Level Scoring:
1.0 High Availability and Business Continuity: 81%
2.0 Costing: 100%
3.0 Deployment Management: 71%
4.0 Network Design: 71%
5.0 Data Storage: 90%
6.0 Security: 85%
7.0 Scalability & Elasticity: 63%
8.0 Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture: 71%

The Whizlabs tests were a good representation of the real exam. Although I did find that there were some shorter Associate level question across all the tests.

The main thing though is that Whizlabs questions explain the answers which helps in drilling in the concepts which I felt this exam really tests.

I’m preparing for the DevOps Pro cert as well. I’ve been studying the two professional certs side by side so should be taking that soon.


what was the LA training courses, what does LA meaning?


LA = Linux Academy. One of the best online training resources you will ever need.

I would suggest you check them out. They have lots of courses on AWS, cloud, DevOps.


Hello, Congratulations for passing a tough exam mate!! How many questions were there in the Pro Exam and what was the passing score? Did you get any questions from Whizlabs? If I simply understand all questions of Whizlabs is it enough to pass the exam…Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



I got 78 questions. The pass mark is not published as it varies. But you need to aim higher than 65% to have any chance in passing the exam.

The Whizlabs questions are not dumps of the real exam. They are similar in style (scenario based) but not identical. If anything the Whizlab test prepared me for time management in the real exam. I had plenty of time after answering all questions to review them.

To pass this exam you really need to prepare by studying to understand the concepts that this exam is testing you on. You can’t expect to pass it by learning the answers from Whizlabs alone. I would recommend looking at Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru for training if you do not have real world experience of architecting systems in AWS.


Thanks for the guidance… I have completed ACG …Will take yr advice and do LA as well…Are all 78 questions scenario based ( big length questions)?


They are pretty much all scenario based. Just some longer than others :grinning:

They key to this exam is being able to speed read and take the key points of what the question is asking and identify the right answer based on the requirements.

I’d recommend checking out the official AWS exam readiness course for SA Pro. They provide guidance on how to go about answering a question across all tested domains. I watched this twice before taking my exam. You used to have to watch a live 3 hour long live webinar to access it but now it’s availavle on-demand so you can watch it when you have time.