Passed Advanced Networking (66%)


I took this exam at the beginning of November ‘18. This one was AWS cert number 6. I’d heard from many that this exam is one of the hardest AWS certs to get but I wanted to clear it before I start of the Professional level certs - and I like a challenge!

I used ACloudGuru and Whizlabs to prepare with a year of AWS hands on experience.

This was the hardest AWS exam I’ve taken so far. I felt mentally drained when I came out but I passed it!

Perhaps I rushed my studies in order to sit this exam but I wanted to clear it before the end of the year as that was a goal I set myself.

This exam did fell a bit dated compared to all the newer Associate level exams I sat just before. Plus there is no published pass mark. So when I got my score report through I was surprised I passed with my score but also relieved.

Anyway, the Whizlabs tests certainly helped me clear the exam so I can now concentrate my time in studying for DevOps and SA Pro certs which I hope to clear early next year but I am taking my time with these.


Congrats, skp574!

Thanks for your detailed writeup!

Whizlabs Team


Personally I found the 2 Pro certs way easier than the network cert which at least for me was the hardest by far.

Good luck for year end on achieving your goal. Remember you dont need to get 100%, you just need to do well enough, particularly on the stuff that you wont touch in your professional life.


I see Whizlabs has updated the study material for this test. How long ago was that?