Passed AWS Advanced Networking Specialty - 5/11/19


Passed the exam on my 2nd attempt. This is my 5th AWS exam and was the hardest so far (also have 3 associates and SA Pro).

I used A Cloud Guru, read the certification guide book, read AWS documentation, and used Whizlabs to pass this exam.


Can you be more specific on the topics that were tested? Were the questions scenario-based and long (like the Pro SA)? This is next for me so curious to know what made it difficult than other exams?


Congratulation Dancollins on your success! Clearing 5 AWS certs is indeed a marvellous achievement!

Glad to know that our practice tests helped you in passing the exam.



Yes, the questions were scenario based and long like the SA pro.

Here are some takeaways from my 2 attempts. You need to know the following subjects well. Sorry this is a big sloppy dump, but these all came to mind immediately after taking my first attempt and they still applied during the second attempt.

DirectConnect, DNS, CloudFormation, Cloudfront, Cache Behaviors, Lambda@Edge, the different architectures - including Transit VPC, IPSec tunnel protocols, NLB vs ALB, Proxy Protocol vs X-Forwarded-For, network requirements for different services - especially Workspaces, VPC endpoints and PrivateLink, CloudHub, DirectConnectGateway, Cloudformation intrinsic functions Ref, FindinMap, custom resources, cfn-init, seamless domain join for EMR/AD Connector, CORS, enableDnsHostname, enableDnsSupport. connection draining, GuardDuty, AWS Shield

Best of luck taking the exam!


Thanks for the dump, Dan. One other quick question - there seems to be a high fail rate of first-time test takers. Did WhizLabs help reinforce the material or prep for the questions?

In other words, did whiz labs test on the same concepts as the actual exam?



Yes, Whizlabs helped. The same concepts were in the exam. When using Whizlabs, it is important to read through the explanations of all the questions, even for the ones you got right.

good luck