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Passed AWS architect Associated exam. Thanks to Whizlabs


Today I Passed AWS architect associated exam and yet to get marks…

Preparation Tips –

  1. Acloud Guru – Udemy course – Thanks to Ryan.
    -Go through full course once including hands on.
    -Revision with 1.5x speed – only summary of each chapter

  2. Practice Jon Bonso & Whizlabs practice exams – Helps you to gain the knowledge. Actual exam questions are very different but practice exams are worth.

  3. FAQ: S3, EC2, ELB/Auto scaling, RDS/DynamoDB

  4. Prepare your own short notes as you progress on your preparation

Exam Tips –

  1. Deep dive – S3, EC2, ELB/Auto scaling, SQS, EFS/EBS, RDS/DynamoDB, VPC(Bastion host, NAT,ACL, Security Groups) – Many questions in exam & decides your result.
  2. SQS, ECS, Cloud watch, read replica/Multi-AZ , Route53, Lambda
  3. Exam questions are simple but very tricky – We need to have good understanding of each service. None of the practice exams covered these questions. Each question is combinations of services and expect to choose right answer. Meaning, many services will be tested repeatedly. None of the questions are straight or focus on single service. Each question is framed with very similar functionality provided by multiple services asked in question.
  4. Select possible best answer first then again apply elimination technique to re-verify the answer before you move to next question
  5. Don’t depend on re-visiting questions at the end. Select best answer possible even if you take little more time on the question else you will have double effort at the end again go through question and not effective. Given time is more than sufficient !! So do not hurry or panic.
  6. It’s your option and comfort !!! but my suggestion is, Mark not more than 10 questions for the review. Mark questions only if almost confident but wanted to revisit where not able to decide within among 2 options.
  7. I was confident to pass when I reached middle of exam. Looks prepared well and touched(off course not so depth) every part of AWS including new services introduced recently.

Good luck everyone.


Hi Srinivas

Congratulations for your achievement.

Thanks for sharing your valuable experience & exam tips. It will definitely help other candidates.

  • We continuously strive for making our products better & feedback from our customers does help us going forward. It would be great if you can share a few inputs/suggestions for improvement of our CSAA tests.

Thank You.


Congratulations Srinivas Cheekati.

I share the same sentiment with Srinivas Cheekati, I wrote last week and passed and thanks to Whizlabs tests, they really helped.

Thank you Whizlabs team!!


I am planning to take the exam in December, Anyone took the exam recently with the question from Whizlabs?


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