Passed AWS Big data speciality with 82%


I took the AWS Big data speciality exam today and passed. For preparation, I followed the course in acloud guru and watched a bunch of AWS Deep dive videos. I found the Whizlabs practice exams totally useless. They don’t have any scenario based questions and I feel it was a complete waste of my money.


Hello Soumya,

Thank you for the feedback. We are working on to revise the existing questions with more scenario based ones.

I would sincerely apologise for the delay in updating these questions. Our next version of these questions would reflect the real exam scenario.


When would it will most likely updated.


Hello Teja,

It will be in a month of time.


Do you have a target date for release of the updated questions?


Sorry, we don’t have any fixed date. The speciality exam questions are the most toughest, so it would always go against our plans. We will try to launch before August end.


My suggestion would be then not to release useless practice test papers for this certification on your web site till you guys come-up with real scenario based questions ( Close to what we got in exam)
As It is misleading many people.


I’ve scheduled my Big Data exam for the 7th of August - do you think there might be a chance for the final questions to be available at the end of July?
I’d be happy to try the latest “beta” questions if you have them on their way…


latest question available now?


Any updates on updated test questions for AWS Big Data Speciality exam?


Hello User,

We are still working on the updates. We will let you know, once it’s available.

Whizlabs Team.


Hi Prenesh! When do we get to see the updated and relevant test practice questions? Please advise us a time-frame. It will help students plan their studies effectively.


Hi Rachit

We are just making sure the questions are aligned with real exam. As it’s taking more time than expected, we don’t want to comment a date. We’re working hard to release in this month. Your patience is appreciated.


October is here. Let me guess the response for a status update - “we’re working on it”? Still, from back in June? Should we expect 10+ new high quality practice exams with this much time and supposed effort going into this? Are there at least one or two new practice exams that could be released yet?


We will release first 3 revised practice tests by October 30.


is the new big data tests going to be release tomorrow. It says October 30 in the last post. Please rsvp ASAP


Hello Sreddy,

Thanks for contacting us!

The AWS Certified BigData Specialty Practice test questions are under final review. We will release this practice materials within 1-2 weeks.

Whizlabs Team


Any update on this boys?


Hello Randomname!

We have updated 3 sets of AWS Certified BigData Specialty practice test based on the latest updates of the AWS.

Whizlabs Team


I agree with Soumya. The practice tests in WhizLabs were useless. Krishna’s response in this email thread was back in June but the tests are still not useful as of Nov 10th. Sorry I wanted to give honest feedback. Hope Whizlabs can work on providing good practice tests.