Passed AWS Big data speciality with 82%


I will check the new exams tagged as updated and I hope these will be highly effectives :). However, at the end of the day if I have the concepts clear I might be able to answer based scenarios questions or simple ABC ones.


I have scheduled my exam for this Friday, 30th Nov. I am thinking to buy AWS Big data practice tests.Is it going to be helpful? practice set is close to the real exam?


Priyabhi- did you cleared the exam? i am seeing lot of negative comments about wizlabs exams…any other practice exam you want to recommend.


I am also curious if you found the practice exams useful.


The updated practice exams is still not reflective of the actual exams scenarios. I took the exams last month and I couldnt clear it. Trying to figure out what study materials I need to study now, this is getting tough for me.


is not useful at all


Thanks. I did the free trial exam and I found ~1/3 of the questions were either vague or misleading.

Example (paraphrased) : “What do you need to do to a [DynamoDB table] at table creation time [to allow querying by a different key?”
Answer: Create GSI.

However, GSI can be created at anytime, not just at creation time.


Hi All,

New Practice tests for AWS Certified Big Data Specialty are released. Please check below thread for more details.


Hi Rickey,

If possible, can you please send me your exam results. It would be very helpful for us to undersatnd the issues.

We had some data entry related issues which are all resolved now. As far as the technical quality is concerned, we have worked to make sure its consistent with exam.

Please do send us details to understand your issue further.


Does the new set of AWS Big Specialty uploaded this January 2019 in Whizlab contains the latest actual exam?