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Passed AWS Big Data Specialty


I just passed Big data specialty last April 2019. It is a late post, but here are some of the tips:

You should not rely on Whizlabs only for taking this certification; this will not save you for passing the exam. Whizlabs provides good practice in preparing for the exam but if you are expecting for the exact mirror of the exam, it is not. But it did help a lot in studying FAQs and whitepapers, some Q&As occurred but it is more on analysis, similar situation but not the exact Q&A that someone is expecting. It took me more than 8 times of each practice test and I experienced some wrong answers and redundant questions but I reported t right away. Whiz lab responded and corrected those I have I reported. I think Whizlabs should include more EMR analysis situational questions, RSME, and some sort of complex charts.

For other practice exam, I recommend taking also the practice test of Linux Academy, it is a randomized 60 questions set but you should have at least 4 times of attempt for this set.

60% comes from the courses that I have studied:

  • Linux Academy AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty Certification - Fernando Medina Corey – good in Storage module, the labs are good practice.
  • A Cloud Guru’s AWS Certified Big Data Specialty 2019 by Sanjay Kotecha
  • Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (Digital ) – this one helps a lot and it’s free

I read some FAQs and AWS Whitepapers. I didn’t try Qwiklabs but it’s good for hands-on practice. I also recommend that you also take time to read a lot of forums in AWS, Whizlab, Linux Academy, and Cloud Guru. There is also a new Udemy course and I read positive reviews that a lot has passed using this course yet I haven’t tried it: https://www.udemy.com/aws-big-data/

Hope it helps.