Passed AWS certfied developer exam


I passed my AWS CDA exam on 10th Dec. Whizlabs practice questions helped me to understand the concepts better. Their Q/A explanation in the quiz is good.


Congrats, lavaraja!

Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback over here.

Whizlabs Team


Lavaraja, Congrat!!!. Please can share the material that you used to passed these exam with us. You mentioned that Whizlabs questions helped you to understand the concepts better, please in what way, because all the Whizlab questions are all totally different from the real questions in the exam. so which concepts are you talking about???


Prenesh, You only comments on people that show case that they PASSED & neglect people with FAIL. You need to stop all these fake comment of yours, because you know that Whizlabs questions are not real, and its fake questions like you.


Hi Profjay1,

This is how I prepared for my AWS CDA exam.

  1. Watched A cloud guru course and did some labs tests on aws free tier.
  2. I read the aws whitepapers given in the syllabus.
  3. Watched A cloud guru course again with 1.5x speed. I tried to answer all the practice questions.
  4. I bought aws DVA-C01 practice on whizlabs site(I saw some offer on black Friday otherwise I wouldn’t have bought). One thing I noticed is the practice question covered few concepts which were not covered by acloud guru course Ex: exponential backof(I got 4-5 questions in my exam on the this.The answer for all these questions is exponential backof approach), lambda edge, different questions on API gateway, Canary release,Different questions on kinesis streams… etc
    I have read all these concepts before going to exam this helped me to fill gaps in my preparation.

This how I prepared for my exam. Hope this helps others.

Coming to your question did you practice DVA-CO1 2018?(I guess there will be total 5 practice tests)?.I felt the practice questions are bit tougher than actual aws questions(I just scored 72-75 in practice tests.I got 81% in actual exam). From personal experience, the practice question will only help you fill the gap in preparation or understand how the question will be asked in actual AWS exam.