Passed AWS certified developer Associate exam on 5 Dec 2018


I finally got my AWS CDA certification with score 826/1000. I did the exam on Dec 5th, 2018. I took around 2 months to study all content and I’ve never had worked before with AWS. My preparation for the exam was a combination of two Udemy courses (A Cloud Guru and Stephane Maarek) with Practice Tests (Whizlabs).

All Udemy courses/tests helped me to learn concepts/practices about AWS. However, Whizlabs Tests was VERY important to understand how to use AWS in different situations that by the way, It’s what really matters for the exam.

I remember that the majority of exam questions covered following topics: CloudFormation, Lambda, API Gateway, S3 (bucket policy, optimization, encryption), DynamoDB RCU-WCU calculation and how to optimize Scan, STS (cross-account/AssumeRole), Elastic Beanstalk, Deployment types (All at Once, Rolling, Rolling with batches, Immutable, Blue Green) CodeDeploy (hooks order), Cognito, Kinesis (optimization), RDS, ElastiCache, X-Ray, CloudWatch (metrics for EC2), SQS (standard and FIFO), CodePipeline (Actions, Stage), CodeBuild, CodeCommit, Microservice (Docker, ECS, ECR CLI), SAM (template and commands), KMS, IAM (Roles and root account).

Good luck for all!


Hello Paul,

Glad you were able to clear the Certification.

Did you happen to give the new format or the old one? I plan to start studying for the Developer Associate exam, any tips that you could give me in preparation i.e. what exactly to study and follow?

I happen to clear AWS Solution Architect and looking to go ahead with Developer one.

Ankur Taneja