Passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate SAA-C01


Passed The SAA-C01 Exam with Candidate Score: 827

The practice test questions were very similar to the actual and the explanations were very detailed in the reasoning. The extra quizzes help in further my learning.


hello shoang, when did you take the exam and what other sources did you use? please advise we need that input!


I’ve completed the exam in Jan 2019. I’ve started my study by taking the free and one Whizlab exam. That gave me the area of focus to further study. Then I’ve read the “AWS-Certified-Solutions-Architect-Official-Study-Guide”. Took the quizzes and tests in the study guide. After that I went back and took the rest of the Whizlab tests until I was getting around 90% pass on them. The Whizlab quizzes was very detail and it’s great further knowledge, but I thought the actual test wasn’t that detailed of questions.