Passed AWS certified Solutions Architect Professional exam


Hi Team,

Last week i Passed AWS certified Solutions Architect-Professional exam.I didn’t purchase any videos for this exam whizlab was 80% helpful to crack the exam.I will purchase practice test from whizlab in upcoming exam.Thank you whizlab team.


Anyone else use whizlabs for the professional level exam this year? I am sitting the exam Monday and will give everyone my thoughts after the exam


Hi Narayan,


Thank you for sharing your experience!


Yes i have passed Professional exam last week only. Whizlab is very useful but not 100% it will help 70 to 80 %. You should score more than 90% in whizlab practice test.


Did you pass the exam ?
Was it difficult ? Where you well prepared?
Your feedback is welcome!


How did you get on with your recent exam? Did you pass and find the questions just as useful @bfincher517 ?

Hopefully you did?

Has anyone else any update on the new question pool.



This is not an update on the pool these are exactly the same questions as before i failed my exam with 64 and i put a lot of effort

Im not looking for dumps as that would defeat the purpose but questions focusing on the PRO exam would prove more beneficial to students as this Whizlab Pro test has way too many single line associate questions which frankly is a total waste of time


We are always looking out for lower level questions. We replace them whenever we find them. Please send us feedback if you feel any questions of CSAA level. We will replace them with Professional level questions.


I thought the questions would be updated to a similar standard of difficulty and of simular context in order to assist with understanding the concepts at a professional level this doesn’t seem to be the case. @Pavan can someone review this.


Hi Pencilpot,

They have been reviewed by us in last month. Please send us feedback then and there if you feel the question is not of CSAP level. We will analyse and replace, if required.


Check out exam 2 30 percent of the questions are not even in my estimation practitioner level

for example questions

38 i mean true or false you got to be kidding right

39 associate level

40 seriously another associate maybe even practitoner level

41 and on and on and on in this test

does not even give me a challenge come on guys im not looking for dumps just challenging questions


I too have been going through these questions as well as others on linux academy and there are a fair few as mentioned above that are far far to easy and not appropriate for this exam at all !!

Surely It would be worth looking at the level standard and content that these questions need to have as sadly at the moment they are not very useful in anyway for someone to purchase and study from. In fact I wouldn’t recommend them.

Which is a shame. Can you confirm if this will be addressed to make sure the questions are relevant appropriate and difficult enough to reach the required levels of understanding.

Please advise :slight_smile:


I can guarantee 100 percent there will be no true or false or all of the above questions on the exam and no single line questions

EVERY question on the test is probably a minimum of 7 lines


Thank you for pointing out. We will replace them ASAP.
Your feedback is much appreciated as it will improve the quality of practice tests.


I am sure that most of the questions are from professional exam. I see that some questions are associate level.

We are addressing this as we speak. We are working on replacing them. I can assure that they will be replaced ASAP.


Today I passed my AWS CSA pro and Whizlabs helped me a lot with accurate explanation, read all white papers and FAQs. Don’t waste your time to watch all re-invents, instead retake whizlabs exams (2-3 times). Certs give you job interview, but they don’t give you a job! You need a lot hands on experience! ! Good Luck!

“Whizlabs exam questions are updated as of today”


Not true i said it before you will not pass with just Whizlabs you need to study more than this and reinvent is a MUST or do you simply want to be a useless paper expert. You will be found out very soon when you hit the real world

Use whizlabs as a very last minute prep


You misunderstood what I said, read my last sentence again.

If you have extra time that would be great to watch re-invent but if you don’t …


Ok my apologies at 300 dollars you cant take this exam too lightly


Thank you for such a valuable inputs about our questions!