Passed AWS CSA-A


Passed yesterday in a relatively confident way. I still have to receive the exact grade.

The practice tests were super helpful, and in the real exam around 5 questions were identical to some I had done here. I was scoring between 72% and 82%, and scored 85% in the last exam before the real one.

Most of the questions in the real exam were simple and easy if you have practised enough, and very rarely did any question go into much detail. That’s why I think the section practice tests, while helpful, are way more difficult than what you will find in the real exam.

Most topics were covered from the practice tests, there were just a couple of questions which I had to guess regarding Auto Scaling health check targets and ELB passthrough mode, among others which I may not remember. I’d say most topics came up in my exam, but there were especially interested in the following:

EFS (make sure you learn about performance and throughput modes)
Lambda / Lambda@Edge

In addition to the material here, I took the AWS training for CSA-A, checked the “Exam Tips” at the end of A Cloud Guru videos and did the practice tests from tutorialsdojo. Nevertheless, the whizlabs practice tests were the most similar to the real exam.

I wish everyone luck on their tests!


Hi Daniel

Hearty Congratulations for your achievement.
We’re glad to hear that our Practice Tests helped you in clearing the exam.

Which certification are you aiming next?

Thank You.


Hi Everyone, I just took the exam yesterday and passed. RESOURCES USED TO PREPARE: ACloudGuru, Official AWS Certified Solution Architect Study Guide, Whizlabs and Udemy tests, and in person AWS Architect class. SUMMARY: Practice tests scores do NOT accurately predict if you’ll pass the real test. I consistently scored in the high 90’s for text book tests, and only passed ACloudGuru and Whizklabs tests 50% of the the time. TEST TOPICS: All questions were scenario based, 5 or 6 questions on EFS, 2 -3 questions on ECS, 2 – 3 questions on Lambda, Security Groups/NACLs, VPCs, Mutli-AZ, Read Replicas etc… Questions present services in a way that I was unfamiliar with, even after using so many different platforms to prepare. ADVICE: Use whatever materials you think will help you prepare and know that passing the practice exams might not be a good indication of if you’ll pass or not. Good Luck!


Did you have any questions that were similar to the 2019 questions from WhizLabs?