Passed AWS CSA Today


I passed today with a score of 75%. I did the older exam. A little disappointed with the score but relieved i passed. I had about 5 exact questions from the whizlabs practice tests…but more importantly, the explanations for the questions gave me a proper understanding of the relevant subjects.

This is what i used to prepare.

acloud guru course
labs and just playing around with free tier



That’s super achievementent! Glad to hear that Whizlabs questions have helped you to pass the exam!


Yup. It helped greatly. I will be back for more :grinning:


Wow! Cool!

What’s your next milestone? CDA?


CDA this month hopefully. Just need to complete some extra labbing as i was not happy with my last score.


That’s great!

Are you planning for new CDA exam or the old one?

We are yet to launch the new version, it will be in another 1-2 months of time.


I am looking at sitting for the older exam. I do not really want to wait. :grinning:



Good luck!

We are waiting to hear your feedback about the CDA exam.