Passed aws csaa exam feedback


Yes! I have passed the exam.

I consider myself lucky to have passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam on my first take with a score of 880. I had spent almost 5 months in studying due to having a fulltime work and could not devote my time in fully studying AWS. 1 month before my schedule I read all the helpful Q&A’s from those who had passed. I compared their experiences and gathered the topics mostly covered in the exam. Focused on it and on my weak areas, took the practice tests multiple times again just to make sure, In that way I understand AWS concepts better, why it is the correct answer and why the other options are not. Yes, I am literally stressed and exhausted when
I am done but when I finally saw the message CONGRATULATIONS, I was so relieved. All my stressed days of studying are worth it.

I am so grateful to all the online resources providing accurate and up to date lessons and practice tests to help individuals like me in clearing the exam. There are many and I think they are all good, but sadly I do not have enough money to buy them all.

Whizlabs for providing nice sets of practice questions to answer and made me see what the the actual exam would look like. Thanks for being a part of the recipe to my sucess.

As my main resource I used Acloudguru and DolpinED. I heard Linux is a great resource too. In addition I also used practice tests from Whizlabs and Tutorials Dojo in Udemy.

Advise to all: It is very important to read the feedbacks of those who recently passed so you would have an idea on what topics are mostly covered on the actual exam and you could prepare for it just like I did. It really helps.


That’s great! Your inputs would really help those who are preparing for the exam.

I agree. Everyone must first read the experience shared by the exam takers.

It is glad to know that Whizlabs course has helped you to pass the exam.