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Passed AWS CSAA exam first attempt


I cleared my AWS SA associate exam in first attempt last year December. I would like to thank ACloudGuru, Whizlabs and Jayendra patil site for providing good insight.
To pass the exam I had the following startegy which I built after reading posts from other.

  1. ACloudGuru training videos - couple of times
  2. Whizlabs tests including topic wise tests - Topic tests develop good and deep understanding which helps in
    answering tricky questions
  3. Jayendra patil recommendations on some topics
  4. AWS white papers related to Security, Scalability and Database

Topics in exam - VPC, SQS, Autoscaling, Kinesis(around 2-3), Cloudfront, Load balancer, Network load balancer

Hope above inputs help someone to prepare for the exam.


Congratulations Navneet!
Thank you for sharing your preparation path.

Whizlabs Team