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Passed AWS CSAA Jan 8 2019


Just passed the CSAA with score 916. The exam was much similar to the whizlabs practice tests (I meant difficulty level and style). The exam was easier than I expected - there’s not much in-depth details that you need to memorize, but you do need to understand when to use which AWS services to solve a specific problem.
I mainly used Udemy’s Cloud Guru course and the Whizlabs mockup tests to prepare the exam.
Hot topics to cover: IAM, CloudFront, S3, EBS, EC2, VPC, SQS/SNS, DyanmoDB, Lambda, API Gateway, ECS, Direct Connect/VPN, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, Route 53, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, STS, Directory Service, Cognito, Kinesis, etc.
Some tips for the exam: prefer Aurora other than MySQL for RDS. Prefer Lambda other than EC2-hosted services.
That’s pretty much I can remember for this exam. Take it easy and good luck!