Passed AWS - CSAP with 88%


Hi Team,

On 12th Jan 2019, I took the AWS CSA-Pro exam and passed with 88%. I managed this exam in about 2 hours, including question review, which meant I was well within the 170 minute time limit.

Before going to appear in final exam, I have evaluated myself in AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional - Practice exam where I achieved as below:

Overall Score: 67%

Topic Level Scoring:

1.0 High Availability and Business Continuity: 50%

2.0 Costing: 100%

3.0 Deployment Management: 100%

4.0 Network Design: 75%

5.0 Data Storage: 83%

6.0 Security: 62%

7.0 Scalability & Elasticity: 16%

8.0 Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture: 100%

this given me clear idea where to more focus. I again practiced more on especially low scored areas and finally cleared the main exam today with 88%.

Topic Level Scoring:

1.0 High Availability and Business Continuity: 90%

2.0 Costing: 100%

3.0 Deployment Management: 85%

4.0 Network Design: 85%

5.0 Data Storage: 100%

6.0 Security: 85%

7.0 Scalability & Elasticity: 81%

8.0 Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture: 85%

Many thanks to whizlabs team for their support on this journey, and I look forward to tackling more certifications with your help.



Congratulations :slight_smile: did u find any ques from whizlabs in the actual exam? The ques are pretty long…ow did u manage to complete it so soon? I am planning to appear this exam next week…whats yr suggestion.congrats once again


Hi Aatu,

It’s really very hard exam and it will examine your knowledge as well as your time management.
Don’t be scared with the length of the question, split it in small chunks and try to avoid noise like ,you are working in XYZ company and your CEO is telling…focus on the main part of the question…what exactly it is asking. Is it asking for most cost effective solution or more robust solution and then look into the answer and eliminate the wrong answers…

Whizlabs is providing excellent questions for practicing this. In my case almost 90% questions were included in Whizlabs practice exam.

One last thing, don’t try to memorize questions…try to understand why other options are wrong.



Thanks a lot…I will complete all Whizlabs tests and go to the exam…One last thing…All questions are big or are there shorter questions too? Any idea of passing score ?


Not all questions are lengthy, you will also find some short questions.