Passed AWS Developer Associate Today-Feb 21 2019


Overall the practice tests were quite handy. I particularly liked the explanations and the links attached; helped me to read up topics that I wasn’t aware of. The exam had few wordy questions but at the same time, there were quite a number of straight forward questions. If you can consistently score 75% + in your first attempts, you are good to go. Otherwise, keep studying and read the AWS documentation.

Thanks Whizlabs!


Congratulations on your achievement!


congrats can u help me which course is good for me for practice papers … i am planning to give in next week


For course, try the ACloudGuru one; not that deep but gives you a good overview. And for practice tests, I used Whizlabs. All the best!



I recently passed too, I made a review but somehow it’s gone

Whizlabs admins? What happened to my post?