Passed - AWS Devops Professional Exam - Whizlabs Review


I wanted to post my comments on the DevOps Pro Whizlabs practice tests in case someone else might be curious if they are worth it. The short answer is - Yes!. I found, for the most part, the practice exam questions are direct copies of the AWS Practice exam questions with some slight changes to the possible answers. The benefit vs the AWS practice tests is you get to see the answer if you were wrong and can research it in detail using the helpful links provided. FYI - There are other questions on the practice exams which are unique as well but after taking the AWS Practice exam twice I noticed the questions were the same with slight modifications.

Considering you get 5 practice exams with 80 questions each the Whizlabs pricing is very good. WIth the AWS practice exam, you only get 20 questions for $20 US. I took the AWS practice exam twice, so I’m out $40 dollars, which I could have put towards another Whizlabs practice exam - oh well.

I will say that the actual exam is quite difficult and requires paying close attention to detail, along with time management. I found the practice exams helped me in both these areas as well. Don’t try to memorize the questions and answers because in the end, it doesn’t help on the actual exam. You need to know your stuff. Read the whitepapers and use Linux Academy or Pluralsight for training.

Anyhow, I wanted to thanks Whizlabs and look forward to using them as a resource in the future.