Passed AWS Devops Professional


I passed AWS DevOps Professional this 26th April.
Whizlabs community honestly, the practice tests are nothing to have with the real exam.
The real exam is far difficult.
I am not the kind of person who is complaining but seriously you need to review the practice test.
Form question 1 to the 75 questions all was studies cases.
One question includes more than 4 resources combination to get the correct answer.
The topics that I remembered are API Gateway, Lambda, Canary Deployment, Cloudwatch (event, alarm, dashboard), AWS organization, Guard duty, ECS, elastic beanstalk a lot, Cloudformation helper functions, Opsworks different type of deployment, Secret management, SSM, Service Catalog, s3, Step functions.
In reality, one questions can cover more than 4 to 5 resources. My advice is to understand as more as possible and in deep many resources. And the relation between resources, how they work together.


Hi Lacina

Congratulations for your achievement.

Yes, AWS professional level exams are now focusing more on scenario questions with combination of multiple services/resources. We did take care of this in the last update of DevOps Pro Tests. We’ve noted your suggestion & the topics that you shared. We’re continuously improving based on customers feedback.

Thanks a ton for your valuable insight.


I have shared a document about the practice exam which AWS deliver by email. It can be helpful for you.