Passed AWS SA Pro Today


Passed today with a 80%

Test was out of 77 questions. Had almost 2 hours left when I completed. For all those hating on whizlabs I think it prepared me perfectly for the exam. When I did the AWS practice exam 2 days ago I only scored a 45%. I was afraid I was pretty much going to fail. I read some white papers and faqs the past day before the exam trying to broaden my knowledge. Honestly wish I just did more practice tests as I would have scored higher.

I’m not saying its word for word the questions on the test but if you understand why the right answers are right for the scenario you will do fine. There are plenty of questions I got that were very close to the practice test questions. I felt very confident after the first 10 questions.

Thanks again guys…


Congrats, David!

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Whizlabs Team