Passed AWS Soltuions Architect Professional Exam (expiring Feb 2018)


Big thank you to Whizlabs for helping me pass!!! The practice questions and explanations were critical to me passing! I highly recommend Whizlabs! Thanks!


I have cleared this exam and Thanks Whizlabs team .


Congrats Dan Collins. What was your score in the exam?


Good job punia. well done. Did the actual exam contain lots of whizlabs questions? what did you score in the actual exam?


Timtam, I got an 86% on the exam. I used A Cloud Guru, Linux Academy, Whiz Labs, and I took the AWS practice tests twice. Whizlabs was a big part of my success. The practice tests helped me learn how to manage time, how to look for key words in questions, and the explanations helped me learn the material much better. Keep taking Whizlabs practice exams until you can get high scores and you will do fine on the real test.


great advice. thanks Dan



I would like to know how similar the Whizlabs test questions were to actual tests.


Hello Dan,

Congrats on getting certified!

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Whizlabs Team


yes there are few questions , most of the tough questions belongs to DIRECT CONNECT Topics . I have scored 76 %.